Covid19 Update! We have been covid19 approved by the State to reopen for hair, nails, massage, facials, permanent makeup, and Microblading services

To comply with state openings and regulations during this time we will be only taking scheduled prescreened appointments and no walkins will be available.

All customers must wear masks to enter the facility and must be worn for the duration of appointment. Keeping down the spread of covid is all of our jobs, but we will get through this time and be stronger for it!

Upon arival of your appointment we will have you stay in your vehichle and text your stylist you have arrived and we will text you when we are ready for you to come in.

To keep under 20 people and appropriate distancing we will ask for customers to come alone for their appointment into the facility for your service, unless you have a child coming in for appointment, we are unable to service two customer’s at a time.

We are very lucky we have several separate rooms to create good spacing for everyone. Under state law we will not be able to provide beverages, so please bring your own if needed. However, our hours will be a little different than our normal schedules to keep numbers at 20 or less so please call your stylist to book your appointment, some hours of availability may not be posted online, so we will try to be as flexible as we can so please call us a 207-253-5511 for the quickest response.

During the holidays when purchasing a gift certificate, we do have online gift cards online 24 hours a day on our online booking link, if you need to purchase a gift card in person, please call ahead to set up a time for pick up, so that we do no overlap any customers and so that we are able o provide you a gift card at that time. I know these are strange times but we will over come this in time!

We look forward to servicing all our customers, so please be patient as we are able to add more services we will keep you posted!

We will persiver during this time! Have faith and God bless.