Facials and skin care customization

Facials & Skin care

Be good to your skin and have a facial with:

Jen Magliozzi

207-522-8614 – www.relaxwithradiance.com

Custom Signature Facial

Each Face is different , so our routine facials are built to customize your skins individual needs. Jen is amazing at customizing a facial that is perfect for your unique needs. Contact Jen Magliozzi for an appointment at 207-522-8614 to book your appointment today! Facials are not available online booking only through direct contact.

60 Minute Treatment $85

90 Minute Treatment with light therapy $125

Professional Microdermabrasion $115

An amazing treatment with no downtime. Great for acne scars, sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles. Significant improvement in the texture of your skin will be visible immediately. Everyone will notice your glow! –$115 ( Packages are available after consultation )

Micro-Lifting Treatments

Micro-Lifting treatments help to lift and firm the skin while reducing wrinkle depth and fine lines.  It improves pore size, pigmentation, and puffy eyes.  With this radio-frequency treatment skin will tighten, lift, and look more plump with each treatment!
Micro-Lifting treatments are $125 each ( Packages are available after consultation)

Chemical Peels

Mild to aggressive starting at $125

Dermaplanning Glow Facial

Reveal a new layer of healthy, glowing skin with this gentle dermaplaning facial.

Dermaplaning Glow Facial | 125

Specialty Facials Add-Ons

30-Minute Mini Facial 

Great for teens and people on the go! This 30-minute treatment is power packed with specialized ingredients that will leave you with great results!

Blue Light Treatment 

Blue light therapy is often a suggested add-on to our Rosacea and Acne Management facials.

Photo Rejuvenation Facial 

The ultimate facial treatment! Light therapy increases collagen production, shrinks pore size, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and evens skin tone