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Waxing Services

Hair Removal & Waxing

Face Waxing Services

Full face $55

Eyebrow Wax Tweeze $19

Hairline $15

Forehead $11

Lip $11

Chin $13

Cheeks $15

Nose $13

Ears $15

Side Burns $14

Neck $16

Women’s Brazilian $62

Bikini Full $52

Bikiniline $41

Men’s Brazilian $80

Bikini Full $70

Full Butt $50

Butt Strip $19

Full Arm $60/$52

Half Arm $50/$40

Shoulders $15

UnderArm $26

Chest $36

Stomach $30

Stomach Strip $9

Full Back $70

Upper Back $31

Mid Back $29

Lower Back $29

Full Leg $100

Half Leg $67

Inner Thigh $23

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Jaxe Aesthetics

Full Face Wax Deluxe Ultra-Calming Serum & Clinical Oatmeal Masque $65

Women’s Brazilian Deluxe Ultra-Calming Serum& Hydro-Jelly Mask $75

The Peach Vajacial Treatment

This treatment will help you achieve better results with your Brazilians. Regular sessions will help clear up hyperpigmentation, scars and stubborn ingrown hairs and reveal smoother brighter skin.

Price ~ $65

Body Waxing helps alive unwanted hair from returning as think and as fast over a period of time. Some areas of the skin can feel more sensitive during waxing. We wax from head to toe including Brazilian’s.